About the B.E.A.R Foundation

Welcome to our transformative journey that began in 2013 and has been marked by unwavering persistence. Together, we possess the power to bring about a profound change in the lives of young people across South Africa. With your invaluable support, we can unlock boundless opportunities, fuel their dreams, and ignite a wave of positive change. Your generosity becomes the driving force behind our mission, enabling us to provide essential education, nurture leadership development, and catalyze economic growth for those in dire need. Embrace this opportunity to make a real and lasting difference by joining us in creating a brighter future for these deserving individuals.


Our Mission

BEAR Foundation seeks to connect youth and young women to sustainable

Our Vision

To empower youth and young women through education,leadership, and economic development.

Our Goal

Supporting young people to master leadership skills and unlock a world of opportunities for personal and professional advancement. A combination of enhanced communication, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities, self-confidence ensures youth are better equipped to navigate challenges and excel in their chosen endeavors.

Our Objectives

Effective leaders are beacons of positive change. Leadership development cultivates visionary thinking and a passion for making a difference. Armed with the right tools, young leaders can inspire others and create lasting impact within their communities and beyond.

Board Members

Lolo Ngubeni

Lolo Ngubeni is a human resources and governance specialist. Having begun her career in the retail
sector, working across a number of other sectors, including manufacturing, higher education and finance. She has worked for organisations such as Thebe Investment Corporation, Liberty Life, Woolworths and Clicks. It has been her wish
to focus on giving back and work with women-led organisations focusing on giving back.

Nomzamo Gcwensa

Nomzamo Gcwensa is a social entrepreneur and an advocate for change. She founded The Bold Empowered Affirmed Revived (BEAR) Foundation to empower girls, promote social and health education and work readiness ,and connect youth to opportunities. She is a passionate activist for educating and developing women and girls. Her goal is to create self-sustaining change in communities by improving the lives of female learners, including those who have left schools, building better communities and futures.

Mathabo Sekhonyana
Board Member

Mathabo Sekhonyana is a marketing specialist, having worked with household names within the FMCG market in South Africa. In her field of expertise, Mathabo has spearheaded campaigns and initiatives specifically aimed at empowering South African women while remaining an active contributor in social issues, specifically focusing her writing on issues around vulnerable groups in South Africa.

Oyama Tshona
Board Secretary

Oyama Tshona is an inspiring pro-feminist blogger who is dedicated to addressing women’s issues. Her platform, Theta Ntombi!, serves as a valuable space for sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and inspiring women, girls, and marginalized individuals. She encourages open discussions and unpacking the challenges faced by diverse communities, aiming to foster empowerment and promote authentic solutions to these pressing problems.

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